Who already dealt with "resurrecting" vehicle Methuselahs knows what kind of tiring activity this is. The purchase of necessary unique components, additional equipments to the veteran cars takes much investigation, time and energy. We obtain our experiences in this genre, already more than ten years. We may claim it calmly that we supply first class services in restoration and spare part provision of oldtimer cars in Hungary. Collectors and our "fanatic" Clients leave from our site contentedly by their former splendour rebuilt vintage cars which are qualified for daily usage. For the cars we provide fast supply of the components.

We provide our services in our classic car showroom which is located in a pleasant, easy to approach environment.

Mercedes Benz  W111 220SEb Cabriolet - 1962

Jaguar XK 150 - the winner of the Lotus Retro 2009 competition

Motor felújítás - Mercedes-Benz V8 (3.5, 4.5, 6.3)

Engine rebuilt Mercedes-Benz (220, 230, 250, 280)

Engine rebuilt Jaguar  (DOHC) (3.4, 3.8, 4.2)

Engine rebuilt - Jaguar V12 (5.3)

Certainly we prepare your car for similar races, please contact us with confidence